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About us

Founded in 1991 in Russia, as a DSL company to distribute the best lighting products from all over the world, after ten years of expansion in the post-Soviet space, in 2001 the branch was established in Brescia province, Italy as InterKomm s.r.l. Surrounded with different manufacturing units in Italy and Far East the InterKomm srl currently has more than sufficient portfolio of lighting equipment manufacturers. At InterKomm, technological research, partnerships with outstanding architects, as well as sociocultural investigation have been from the outset at the origin of innovative projects capable to illuminate the future with unabated power. A deep knowledge of human nature allows for our managers to establish reliable contact with the client. In our daily work, we are adheres to the concept of win-win, providing our customers with the most effective solutions.

Today the InterKomm collections convey a unique mix of values: the approach to human and responsible light goes hand in hand with design and material savoir faire, combining next-generation technology with ancient wisdoms, a perfect expression of sustainable design.

Since the late 1990s, InterKomm has been developing the contract business area, in response to a growing demand for specific solutions addressed to high profile custom lighting projects. InterKomm contract projects around the world provide pitch-perfect examples of the kinds of sublime collaborations the company and client, together make possible today.

With plants in Italy and Far East, our outstanding capabilities range from the personalization of standard collections with special finishes and light sources, to the custom-tailoring of high performance products, up to the bespoke production of unique solutions for large-scale projects, where each device is designed and developed according to the most challenging architectural needs. Passion, design and technology characterize each contract project. Across the fields of retail, residential, hospitality, public spaces, and workspaces, InterKomm steps in to make the best of a building and its surroundings, highlighting its details and helping its truest essence shine.

Lighting Design Awards


Central Mosque - Pride of Muslims

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination

Project Manager Vladimir Golikov

Lead Designers Natalya Koptseva & Vasily Tarasenko

Completion Date August 2019

Project Location Shali, Chechen Respublic

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Entry Description

Mosque classical Islamic style is a perfect fusion of Arabic, Persian, Central Asian and Byzantine elements, harmoniously blending in this inspirational worship place.A seamless emotional integration of the mosque into the surrounding environment was to obtain through smooth, delicate pastel tones that could blend with the surrounding natural elements according to the different time of the day and of the year. Twelve basic color palettes were carefully selected so that believers visiting the mosque for the morning prayer would see the gentle shades of the dawn sky on its façades, while the evening illumination schemes had to reveal deeper crimson tones typical of sunset. The lighting scheme of the Mosque is based on a combination of spot and flood light techniques, which allow to highlight the main details of the mosque while emphasizing its general shape. Illumination levels, output uniformity and colour brightness have been set taking into account the need to identify the different architectural elements as well as the global readability of the building volumes. Now the true essence of the mosque shines not only during the day, but also in the dark.

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What We Do

Complete service for architectural lighting:
from idea and project to installation and assistance.


Lighting concept: definition of objectives. Historical, architectural, urban, environmental, anthropological and functional analysis of the project. Photographic and 3D renderings, sketches, schematic drawings, images of lighting mock-up's. Time planning of the project strategy, identification of the available budget.


Concept development. Ordinary and emergency lighting calculations, technical sheets, installation details, electrical loads, metric calculation, LEED energy efficiency, electrical layout, lighting scenarios, tender documentation, technical regulatory report. Executive lighting design layout with DIALUX, CAD or BIM.


Our main purpose is to offer the highest quality products to our customers for the affordable price. We collaborate with the most important companies in the lighting technology sector, at the European level, with a long history and experience able to cover the guarantees they offer.


After-sales service refers to the range of services provided to after-sales customers: delivery, installation, service, maintenance, troubleshooting, malfunction, return or exchange. All to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.



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